Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Minion Red n' White Strap Menu

Post by: Windaga

Two posts in one day? Absurd!

IceCatraz earlier posted our first Strap Menu texture over on KityCorpMewMix. As such, we've decided that we will post it here, as well. Unlike our previous submission, this one is definitely Safe For Work. It features 2 of Bowser's minions (Bullet Bill and Shy Guy), as well as a list of awesome things.

These images were captured in Brawl Box, so please do take notice that they will look MUCH sharper on your TV. Brawl Box doesn't do justice to the final product.

Also, just a note - IceCatraz and myself are working on a Blue n' Black Strap menu. Once we figure out how to turn the background black, we'll post it up.

Until then, here is a direct link to MediaFire. Once it is uploaded and approved on KittyCorp, we will post the link to their Brawl Vault in it's place. As always, the one on the left is the download, and the one on the right is a preview. Enjoy!

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