Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Texture: Street Fighter 3 Alex

Posted by: Terra Magnum

Yet another post today! Man, we are on a roll! At this time, we'd like to introduce one of my favorite characters from Capcom's Street Fighter series - Alex!

This texture is for Snake. Perfect fit, eh? Well, too bad the texture isn't exactly perfect. We're still working on it (albeit, at a slower rate than Birthday Suit Rosalina and our new projects) but for a while, this is it.

Things we are going to fix:

- His overall skin texture
- His Hair (Alex has longer hair - Ignaja and IceCatraz are learning 3DS as I post so that we can fix that.)
- His vest needs to come off. This texture would look JUST like Alex (albeit, a lot less muscular) if we could lower that vest.
- We're probably going to jazz up his final smash a bit. Maybe replace his "It's Show time" voice with one of Alex's lines from Street Fighter III - Third Strike

But other than those things, this texture is out of the way. Huge thanks to Das Donkey Team for their "Naked Snake" skin, from which we used the chest, arm, and back textures, to Calamitas™ for a bit of the face used on his "Greed" texture (specifically the chin), and to Jack H (with credit to Syrus63) for their No Headband Tail and no AmmoPacks texture. You guys saved us A LOT of time.

What's next? Well, we're going to try and bang out both a Stage Texture AND a Character texture in our next post. Of what, you ask? Well, you're going to have to wait and see!

At the time of this posting, Kitty Corp Meow Mix happens to be down, so we'll post directly to Media Fire for the time being. Once KCMM is back up, we'll take down the direct link to Media Fire and link to KCMM's Brawl Vault instead. (With the Mediafire image reduced to a link, of course.)

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