Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome + Acekard Skin + News on Textures

Posted By: 8thalga Team

Forgive us for our lateness. We were supposed to get this blog up way earlier - but we've been hit from all sides in terms of delaying factors and such. But here we are!

Right, so, as previously mentioned, this blog will host all of 8thalga's work - work that won't likely be published anywhere else. Why not? Because we said so.

There will be a few sites that are allowed to host certain content, and this content will be labeled with the sites logo. Don't worry, it'll be fine. :)

Any who, IceCatraz and Windaga kicked up an AceKard 2i Skin update for all you lovely readers. Created by Ice and Wind, it features Mai (of Avatar: The Last Air Bender fame). We quite like how it came out. HUGE thanks to gunsmoke4, who provided the lovely image of Mai. You can check out his page by downloading the theme and copying + pasting the link included. (NSFW)

Also, our team is currently testing a new Princess Peach Texture. Right now, it's not a vertex hack - we haven't been able to remove her "plump" shoulder garment, so we gave it a simple flesh color. However, once IceCatraz and Ignaja flatten it out in 3DS Max, we'll post an update here.

Anyway, the links are below. As always, Megaupload is our perferred method. However, we will post a MediaFire link once we set up our account. Enjoy!

-We do not support pirating of any kind, and offer this skin as a meaning of offering customization to those who enjoy purely homebrew content. Art by gunsmoke04. Mai © Viacom Inc. Art used without permission from either party. Will be taken down upon request.

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