Monday, July 5, 2010

How To's: SuperCard's Game Guide

By: Windaga

One of my personal favorite features of the DSTwo is it's ability to stop DS gameplay entirely and open up a "Guide." After viewing the guide, you may simply exit out of it, and gameplay will resume instantaneously without any problems. How cool is that?

Well, after getting some help from a few key members on GBATemp, I've made a quick little guide showing you how to set up both text and image guides for game use.

How to view Text Guides on the DSTwo

1. Open up Notepad.

2. Paste your guide into Notepad.

3. After editing it to your taste, go to "File - Save As"

4. Save your file as "GameName.01.txt", where GameName is your .NDS file's name. (.NDS being the game you're making the file for :p)

5. Place your text file onto your Micro SD card, into the same folder as your .NDS file.

6. Start your DSTwo, and start the game you made the guide for. At any time, press "L and R and START" at the same time to enter Real Time Mode. From here, go to "Guide" and find your file. Press A to open your guide. Once you are done reading, simply press "B' to exit, and then the X in the corner "Or press L + R + START" to resume gameplay!

-You can have as many guides as you want! Just make sure every guide follows the following format: "Gamename.01.txt, Gamename.02.txt," etc. I've personally went up to "Gamename.16.txt" and everything was working fine.

-Need guides? Go to GameFAQs, search for your game, click "FAQs" at the top, click a guide, Select all of the text (Press Control + A on your keyboard, then Control + C to copy) and paste the text into Notepad.

How to view images in DSTwo's Guide

1. Open your image up in Photo Shop.

2. Go to "File - Save As"

3. Save your file as "GameName.01.bmp"
(where "GameName" is the exact name of your .NDS file you are creating the guide for.)

4. When prompted, click "24", then "Save."

5. Now Simply place your .bmp file into the same folder as your .NDS file, eject the Micro SD card, plug it in, and play! To access the guide, the default hot key is "Press L and R and Start" at the same time.

-Make sure your image name is the EXACT SAME name of your .NDS file.

-You can have any number of saved images and text files - there is no current limit. Just be sure to label your image files "GameName.01.bmp, GameName.02.bmp, GameName.16.bmp, etc., and your text files "GameName.01.txt, GameName.02.txt, GameName.16.txt

-You can have a mix of .txt files and .bmp files. I have 16 Text files and 16 image files for one game and they all work fine.

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