Friday, July 9, 2010

New SuperCard DSTwo Skin!

Posted by: IceCatraz

Well, we did say that we were going to port over our "Mai's Sauna" skin form the Acekard 2i to the Supercard DSTwo, and that's just what we did! Because the Supercard skin editor out there is a bit more fleshed out then the AK one, we were able to upgrade the skin (A LOT) to accommodate the needs of the DSTwo.

Normally, we would release two versions of this skin - an uncensored one and a censored one. However, I feel that both Windaga and I have sufficiently covered up Mai so that nothing inappropriate is seen. If you disagree, don't download it!

Also, in case anyone was wondering - we are aware that the Acekard version hasn't been uploaded here (it has been posted on several other sites, including our old blog.) Unfortunately, it may never be. No, we kid. We know. Ignaja and Terra Magnum are still fiddling around with a few of it's settings and the like to make sure it comes out juuuust right. So, until then, it'll be kept under wraps. Sorry folks :/

As always, here's a few screenshots and a Mediafire link to the skin. Enjoy!

-The only places allowed to host this file are this website and GBATemp. If you spot this file posted on any other website, please, contact us at:

Download Here

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