Sunday, August 22, 2010

Art? What?
Posted by: Windaga

Ok well, while the rest of the team is off getting ready for school and prepping for our next release (Another Supercard DSTwo Skin and something special for Brawlers!), IceCatraz and myself finished romping through The World Ends with You. Now, IceCatraz loved the game. As did I. I also loved Shiki, the delectable first partner. After scouring the internet to find some material of her, I came across an unfinished sketch of her.

Showing it to Ice, (who wasn't exactly excited to see it, let's say), he agreed that the art itself was great, but needed to be inked. After convincing him to help me out, we came out with this. I'll be posting this to my favorite websites, in hopes that we can draw some hits back to here. It's not finished, and it's not our original image, so credits to the original artist. Also, if anyone wants to, they are more than welcome to color it in or add to it. Link back here and show us if you do!


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