Sunday, March 13, 2011

Actual Art?

Posted By: Windaga

Well, it's about time xD. No, we're not dead. We've just been pretty busy. Ice wanted to do something with his nice tablet, so here you are. It's not done yet, and we've still got a bit of linework to do, but I really like the way it came out. It's my fursona! Ice and Ignaja aren't really thrilled about the idea of each of us coming up with one, but I think it's cute. And I really like how we managed to finish this one in under an hour. It's a new record for me! Anyway, the image is below. It is watermarked, so no stealing.

Click Here!

We'll hopefully be updating this a lot more often than we have been, so stay tuned! Ice and Terra want to do at least one post a week, but I'm hoping for more :).

Just a note - there's nothing underneath that censor :P. It just looks weird because it's just a white space, so before I uploaded it, I through it on. <3.

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