Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DSTwo Skin Set + Art

Posted by: IceCatraz

So Windaga wanted a new skin for her DSTwo. Meaning, the entire team had to go to work > >. This one is heavily based on the new Pokemon White and Black "Text Entry" screen; You know, the screen where you put in your character's name, your Pokemon's nick names, the works. Here's a screenshot of it:

In addition, we've also included a Plug-In menu screen - the area where you choose what program you're going to be booting up. Didn't feel like piecing together a screenshot, so just try it out.

IN ADDITION, Windaga and I have updated her "Fursona" image that we posted about a little over a week ago. Sorry - we wanted to do one each week, but with exams and such, it's a bit hard to stick with it. Anywho, here's an updated image of her "Fursona" (I'll never get used to that > >)

As you can see, certain angles have been changed, and her overall appearance is more "feline" like. Not entirely sure if she's going to continue to run with this image, or if she plans to leave it like this. Either way, I think it came out nice. It looks a bit different from her other image, but hey, people change, right? Hopefully the same concept applies to Snow Leopards. Again, there's nothing underneath the huge "NO", but it just looks a bit awkward, so before posting it, I added a censor bar. Deal with it.

Aand that's it for today. I'll see if we won't post up something else later. I've got a pretty big test coming up this week, so who knows. Skin download below. Ice out.


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