Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DSTwo Skin Set + Art

Posted by: IceCatraz

So Windaga wanted a new skin for her DSTwo. Meaning, the entire team had to go to work > >. This one is heavily based on the new Pokemon White and Black "Text Entry" screen; You know, the screen where you put in your character's name, your Pokemon's nick names, the works. Here's a screenshot of it:

In addition, we've also included a Plug-In menu screen - the area where you choose what program you're going to be booting up. Didn't feel like piecing together a screenshot, so just try it out.

IN ADDITION, Windaga and I have updated her "Fursona" image that we posted about a little over a week ago. Sorry - we wanted to do one each week, but with exams and such, it's a bit hard to stick with it. Anywho, here's an updated image of her "Fursona" (I'll never get used to that > >)

As you can see, certain angles have been changed, and her overall appearance is more "feline" like. Not entirely sure if she's going to continue to run with this image, or if she plans to leave it like this. Either way, I think it came out nice. It looks a bit different from her other image, but hey, people change, right? Hopefully the same concept applies to Snow Leopards. Again, there's nothing underneath the huge "NO", but it just looks a bit awkward, so before posting it, I added a censor bar. Deal with it.

Aand that's it for today. I'll see if we won't post up something else later. I've got a pretty big test coming up this week, so who knows. Skin download below. Ice out.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Actual Art?

Posted By: Windaga

Well, it's about time xD. No, we're not dead. We've just been pretty busy. Ice wanted to do something with his nice tablet, so here you are. It's not done yet, and we've still got a bit of linework to do, but I really like the way it came out. It's my fursona! Ice and Ignaja aren't really thrilled about the idea of each of us coming up with one, but I think it's cute. And I really like how we managed to finish this one in under an hour. It's a new record for me! Anyway, the image is below. It is watermarked, so no stealing.

Click Here!

We'll hopefully be updating this a lot more often than we have been, so stay tuned! Ice and Terra want to do at least one post a week, but I'm hoping for more :).

Just a note - there's nothing underneath that censor :P. It just looks weird because it's just a white space, so before I uploaded it, I through it on. <3.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Art? What?
Posted by: Windaga

Ok well, while the rest of the team is off getting ready for school and prepping for our next release (Another Supercard DSTwo Skin and something special for Brawlers!), IceCatraz and myself finished romping through The World Ends with You. Now, IceCatraz loved the game. As did I. I also loved Shiki, the delectable first partner. After scouring the internet to find some material of her, I came across an unfinished sketch of her.

Showing it to Ice, (who wasn't exactly excited to see it, let's say), he agreed that the art itself was great, but needed to be inked. After convincing him to help me out, we came out with this. I'll be posting this to my favorite websites, in hopes that we can draw some hits back to here. It's not finished, and it's not our original image, so credits to the original artist. Also, if anyone wants to, they are more than welcome to color it in or add to it. Link back here and show us if you do!


Friday, July 9, 2010

New SuperCard DSTwo Skin!

Posted by: IceCatraz

Well, we did say that we were going to port over our "Mai's Sauna" skin form the Acekard 2i to the Supercard DSTwo, and that's just what we did! Because the Supercard skin editor out there is a bit more fleshed out then the AK one, we were able to upgrade the skin (A LOT) to accommodate the needs of the DSTwo.

Normally, we would release two versions of this skin - an uncensored one and a censored one. However, I feel that both Windaga and I have sufficiently covered up Mai so that nothing inappropriate is seen. If you disagree, don't download it!

Also, in case anyone was wondering - we are aware that the Acekard version hasn't been uploaded here (it has been posted on several other sites, including our old blog.) Unfortunately, it may never be. No, we kid. We know. Ignaja and Terra Magnum are still fiddling around with a few of it's settings and the like to make sure it comes out juuuust right. So, until then, it'll be kept under wraps. Sorry folks :/

As always, here's a few screenshots and a Mediafire link to the skin. Enjoy!

-The only places allowed to host this file are this website and GBATemp. If you spot this file posted on any other website, please, contact us at: 8thalga@gmail.com

Download Here

Monday, July 5, 2010

How To's: SuperCard's Game Guide

By: Windaga

One of my personal favorite features of the DSTwo is it's ability to stop DS gameplay entirely and open up a "Guide." After viewing the guide, you may simply exit out of it, and gameplay will resume instantaneously without any problems. How cool is that?

Well, after getting some help from a few key members on GBATemp, I've made a quick little guide showing you how to set up both text and image guides for game use.

How to view Text Guides on the DSTwo

1. Open up Notepad.

2. Paste your guide into Notepad.

3. After editing it to your taste, go to "File - Save As"

4. Save your file as "GameName.01.txt", where GameName is your .NDS file's name. (.NDS being the game you're making the file for :p)

5. Place your text file onto your Micro SD card, into the same folder as your .NDS file.

6. Start your DSTwo, and start the game you made the guide for. At any time, press "L and R and START" at the same time to enter Real Time Mode. From here, go to "Guide" and find your file. Press A to open your guide. Once you are done reading, simply press "B' to exit, and then the X in the corner "Or press L + R + START" to resume gameplay!

-You can have as many guides as you want! Just make sure every guide follows the following format: "Gamename.01.txt, Gamename.02.txt," etc. I've personally went up to "Gamename.16.txt" and everything was working fine.

-Need guides? Go to GameFAQs, search for your game, click "FAQs" at the top, click a guide, Select all of the text (Press Control + A on your keyboard, then Control + C to copy) and paste the text into Notepad.

How to view images in DSTwo's Guide

1. Open your image up in Photo Shop.

2. Go to "File - Save As"

3. Save your file as "GameName.01.bmp"
(where "GameName" is the exact name of your .NDS file you are creating the guide for.)

4. When prompted, click "24", then "Save."

5. Now Simply place your .bmp file into the same folder as your .NDS file, eject the Micro SD card, plug it in, and play! To access the guide, the default hot key is "Press L and R and Start" at the same time.

-Make sure your image name is the EXACT SAME name of your .NDS file.

-You can have any number of saved images and text files - there is no current limit. Just be sure to label your image files "GameName.01.bmp, GameName.02.bmp, GameName.16.bmp, etc., and your text files "GameName.01.txt, GameName.02.txt, GameName.16.txt

-You can have a mix of .txt files and .bmp files. I have 16 Text files and 16 image files for one game and they all work fine.

Brawl News and Supercard Duce

Posted by IceCatraz

Sorry for the long in between times, but we've got some news to announce.

We're putting a delay on our Brawl projects for a while. Our latest Project "Perfect Tetra" will be released soon enough, and so will our improved "Birthday Suit Zelda" and her matching "Birthday Suit Shiek" textures (preferably all at the same time.) The reason? Well, both Ignaja and Terra Magnum have lost access to their Wii's for the time being, and Ignaja has also lost access to her computer. Once everyone is back up and on their feet, we'll resume.

Also, we've got some "different" news. Both I and Windaga's have got our hands on a SuperCard DSTwo. So, soon enough, we'll start releasing some skins for lucky owners. Stay tuned for more information. As always, the skins will range from borderline childish to borderline adult, so there will be something for everyone!

Again, we are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. We've also noticed that for whatever reason, "Mai's Mountain Sauna" wasn't uploaded. We'll be fixing that shortly. With any luck, we'll also be porting that skin to the DSTwo Supercard, so stay tuned!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Texture: Street Fighter 3 Alex

Posted by: Terra Magnum

Yet another post today! Man, we are on a roll! At this time, we'd like to introduce one of my favorite characters from Capcom's Street Fighter series - Alex!

This texture is for Snake. Perfect fit, eh? Well, too bad the texture isn't exactly perfect. We're still working on it (albeit, at a slower rate than Birthday Suit Rosalina and our new projects) but for a while, this is it.

Things we are going to fix:

- His overall skin texture
- His Hair (Alex has longer hair - Ignaja and IceCatraz are learning 3DS as I post so that we can fix that.)
- His vest needs to come off. This texture would look JUST like Alex (albeit, a lot less muscular) if we could lower that vest.
- We're probably going to jazz up his final smash a bit. Maybe replace his "It's Show time" voice with one of Alex's lines from Street Fighter III - Third Strike

But other than those things, this texture is out of the way. Huge thanks to Das Donkey Team for their "Naked Snake" skin, from which we used the chest, arm, and back textures, to Calamitas™ for a bit of the face used on his "Greed" texture (specifically the chin), and to Jack H (with credit to Syrus63) for their No Headband Tail and no AmmoPacks texture. You guys saved us A LOT of time.

What's next? Well, we're going to try and bang out both a Stage Texture AND a Character texture in our next post. Of what, you ask? Well, you're going to have to wait and see!

At the time of this posting, Kitty Corp Meow Mix happens to be down, so we'll post directly to Media Fire for the time being. Once KCMM is back up, we'll take down the direct link to Media Fire and link to KCMM's Brawl Vault instead. (With the Mediafire image reduced to a link, of course.)